Summer Vibes Clip Art

Summer Vibes Clip Art

Summer Vibes Clip Art Pack

This bold and fun collection of Summer Vibes Clip Art has a wonderfully tropical vacation feel! Perfect for use in your planners, stationary, cards, POD designs, sublimation, coloring pages, books, stickers, KDP and more!  We provide the friendliest licensing around for commercial use clip art!

The Summer Vibes Clip Art Pack has 71 beachy elements perfect for use in all your commercial projects.


What do I get?

  • 71 Color PNG Files [3000x3000px / 10 x 10 inch / 300 DPI]
  • 71 Transparent Background / Outline PNG Files [3000x3000px / 10 x 10 inch / 300 DPI]
  • 71 Black and White PNG [3000x3000px / 10 x 10 inch / 300 DPI]
  • 71 Black and White JPG Files [1500x1500px / 5 x 5 inch / 300 DPI]
  • Commercial Use License

WOW those are big files - why did you create them like that?

The files are large, but you know clip art, if you've ever tried to use it to make a t-shirt or poster its gets too pixelated to make a good quality product. We want you to be able to make and sell a large variety of projects with this prduct without having the limitation of the files being too small. You can shrink 'em down easy but to try to make 'em big doesn't usually work out so well. :) 

What CAN I Do With These Clip Arts?

We want to provide you with the most liberal commercial use license so you can do almost anything with them! (there's a few ideas in the photo below).

  • Can I use them in PLR projects? YES!
  • Can I use them in KDP projects? YES!
  • Can I use them for coloring books / pages? YES!
  • Can I use them for POD designs like t-shirts, mugs, etc? YES!
  • Can I really use them in digital designs? YES!

OK Well, What CAN'T I Do With These Clip Arts?  

You can't resell them as is. Make something different with them. Create stickers or combine them into other designs. If you will be using them for KDP or Merch on Demand - you know how picky Amazon is about duplicate content so make sure you do something to make it different from the original (combine two or more elements, change colors, etc.). Otherwise have fun creating!!



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