The PLR Depot License

Welcome to The PLR Depot! We’re here to service your PLR needs and provide you with high quality products with easy to understand licensing! Please read through the info below and if anything is unclear please reach out to us at:

What AM I ALLOWED to do with The PLR Depot products?
  • Alter/rebrand the pages/elements of pages in any way
  • Create merchandise with the pages/elements of pages
  • Create a retail membership site with our products (NOT a PLR site)
  • Sell products as a package or element of a larger package/product
  • Offer products/pages as a bonus for a paid product or membership
  • Offer products/pages as a resource within a paid membership
  • Offer the products/pages as a bonus for paying clients
  • Print the products/pages and sell them to customers or members in person
  • Offer the products/pages as an opt-in resource
  • You can put them on your Etsy, Shopify Store or retail website.
  • You can use them for KDP, Lulu, Barnes and Noble or a physical POD product
What am I NOT ALLOWED to do with The PLR Depot products?
  • You may NOT use The PLR Depot’s name (or Angie’s for that matter).
  • You may NOT publish the content for free on the web. (this protects everyone’s investment)
  • You may NOT resell the PLR rights to any of our products.

It’s exciting to be a part of business and I cannot wait to see you follow and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true! Make it happen!!

Love and Happiness,