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What is PLR and How Can it Help Me?

Discover the wonderful world of PLR (Private Label Rights) and how you can use it to grow your income!  

What is PLR Content? Private Label Rights Defined.

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PLR is the acronym for Private Label Rights. It’s a type of content that you can purchase and sell on your own website, or use to promote your other products.

Another term for Private Label Rights is White Label Rights. PLR is deemed as “white label” because you can put your own name/branding as well as edit most PLR materials.

PLR is a great way to generate leads for your business. It’s inexpensive and easy to use. PLR content is ready-made products or templates and can include articles, digital planners, software, videos, trainings, graphics, and more.

Buying quality PLR content is a great option for creating content online, selling products online or giving things away for free to promote your product, service, company, etc.

How Can You Use PLR Content?

Content is king, but it can be tricky to keep churning out relevant, interesting and engaging articles and products day after day. Here are some ways you can use PLR content:

  • Create and sell digital planners, templates and even Canva templates
  • Help create content for your email subscribers or newsletters
  • Create articles for your blog or your website
  • Create content for sales or lead pages
  • Create content for your social media posts
  • Many more uses depending on the type PLR content you purchase

Types of PLR Products

How To Leverage Private Label Rights Products to Grow Your Income

Using PLR Saves you precious TIME! You can purchase one piece of PLR, make changes to it, rebrand and voile! You have the ability to make money with your newly created product! In short, using PLR can put you on the product creation fast track.

Benefits of using PLR Products:

  • PLR is fairly inexpensive. Think of what it would cost to hire a freelance writer or copywriter!
  • Many times you can create several products from one PLR product purchase. (check out this Mix-n-Match planner that includes three done-for-you products already!!)
  • Using PLR templates, planners for example, saves TONS of time.
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Low-Content Product Ideas Created from PLR That Can Add More Revenue to Your Business

1. Use PLR to Create Lead Magnets and eBooks 

When you use PLR to create eBooks and lead magnets, you can have a jumping off point without having to come up with brand new content. All that’s needed is a good idea to expand on!  You can create sales letters from the same material used for eBooks and lead magnets.

2. Planners and printables

Planners and other printables are great products to mix and match with other PLR products. Add these types of products into your Etsy, Shopify, or other onlie store – or sell direct from your blog.

3. Create educational printables

If you have a background in education you could create homeschooling printables to sell on Etsy, your own site or to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. More and more families are homeschooling children and this is a very hot market.

4. Use PLR to create a book to publish on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

You could create and sell your own coloring book by purchasing a couple of PLR coloring packs and combining parts of each pack to make a new product. The process of creating a coloring book is not too complicated. You can purchase several coloring PLR packs and combine them to create your own unique product to publish to the KDP platform.

You can do the same with planners and other printables! How would you like to publish your own line of low-content books! KDP is free to publish! You can earn royalties each time your book is sold, which means you can make a passive income with your books.

5. Use PLR content in your freelance writing projects

If you are a freelance or ghost writer you could write for other bloggers or content creaters who are hiring out for those services. Many people are now choosing to write for other bloggers and content creators as a way to make extra money. It’s not uncommon for some of the most popular blogs out there to pay writers between $100-$300 per post.

6. Turn PLR articles into online courses

If you have expertise in a particular field and a knack for writing, you can create an online course that people can pay to enroll in. You can use PLR articles to create the course. You then offer the course as a lead generator or sell it through Udemy, Thinkific, and Teachable to be able to generate passive income. You can even offer an online course on your own website!

There are so many things you can create using PLR as a base – I hope these ideas are getting your mind churning with new possibilities! Here are a few more ideas!

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7.  Earn affiliate commissions

You can add affiliate marketing links to your PLR content to earn some extra money through affiliate commissions! You can even find PLR sellers with affiliate programs, sign up and promote their products and earn money, many of them pay 50% commissions!

8. Use PLR products as a giveaway

You want to keep your long-term customers engaged with your brand, right? You can use PLR content as a free giveaway to enance your brand imagage and to build customer loyalty. As mentioned before, you can also use it to build your email list – ever sign up for a freebie and get added to an email list? Well there ya go! Who doesn’t love a free opt-in!

9.  Use PLR to create a membership site

Creating a membershp site is a fantastic way to make money online. You can leverage PLR to create  your membership site, and charge a recurring monthly mebership fee if customers want to access premium content on your site. There are many membership programs out there, I use

To create content for your membership site you can use PLR content in your niche. Tweak the PLR to make it your own and put your unique spin on it and provide valuable content to your paid members!

10. Create and sell your own PLR products with resell rights

Did you know that some PLR comes with Master Resell Rights (MRR)? There is PLR out there where you can buy the MRR product and then turn around and sell it to other business owners looking for PLR. I find it’s best to make some tweaks to any PLR product so that your offering is different from the original; but sometimes just a 5-minute tweak is all it would need and BAM you’ve got a product to sell!

Get a Free PLR Sample

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Closing Thoughts

In closing, as you can see there are just as many types of PLR as there are different ways to use it. You can save TIME and money buying quality PLR content from quality sellers – and be sure to read and understand the license terms of anything you purchase.

Using PLR can also get your creative juices flowing leading to other ideas for products and you don’t have to start from scratch, nor do you have have to have heavy design skills. If you can copy / paste or insert a graphic into a Powerpoint or Canva page, you’re on your way to your very own printable you can sell!

Happy creating!

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